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prepared. it's been like this all day on and off, raining as you said, raining now quite a bit. heaviest was at mid day. >>#ou people invyvq santa rosa reminder the rainy season is upon them. not enough to do flooding. people welcomed the breaks in the weather. >> i'm just shopping -- hoping it didn't rain too much. >> we have a lot of woods cut up, ready for burning. we have an ant issue but no troubles at home. >> the storm empblg inched south to petta luma. drivers were cautious on highway 101. marin county department of public works says crews prepared months ago. cleaning culverts pulting in new drain pipes looking for
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spots that could be potentials for flooding. >> every cuppy fire department has sandbags available for residents. people can also purchase them in san rafael. the department of public works told me crews were out, checking for downed trees or branches. it's not windy here just raining. thank you. gathering storm is having an affect on travelers around the bay area, slick roads mean more defensive driving is necessary. some drivers tell us they're afraid to go into the rain but they have no choice. be patient. leave early for where you're going to be going to.
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check road conditions on where you're going. you may be a half our way or traveling four, five hours. so check before you leave. >> sfo several delayed flights as well as frayed nerves for passengers trying to get where they're going. sfo expecting 3% more travelers this year, over last. >> storm bringing us rain here created a mess in the pacific northwest. strong winds, slammed oregon and washington. flooding streets, knocking down trees and cutting power to2l- nearly 50,000 people in areas. some areas got more than seven inches of rain. there is wide spread flooding in seattle. and forecast calling for dry skies on thanksgiving. >> we're learning tonight the small plane crashed in san rafael today is registered to a vallejo man.
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the plane went down about a mile from the smith ranch airport. officials say the pilot developed trouble just after takeoff and tried to get back to the airport. couldn't make that, but managed to land in a marsh. >> a man tied to southern california are now in custody.7 a criminal complaint accuse them of pran planning to leave the u.s. for training with the taliban. this is video. the men were intending to carry out a violent jihad. accused ring leader was taken into custody in afghanistan. >> a one day strike is ending this is a live look at the port as we speak. there are ships waiting to be
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unloaded. strike supposed to end at 9:00 tonight. the mayor's office says officials and representatives for custody stod yil workers agreed to get back to the bargaining table. terminals may be reopened as early as 7:00 tonight. again, they're expected to get back to the table immediately. last minute efforts to save hostess appear to have failed. "wall street journal" mean talks broke down, meaning the twinkies maker will continue for a full liquidation. 18,000 workers will, therefore, lose jobs. the company decided to shut down after talks failed. >> a rare death sentence handed down today in the bay area but a jury saying death is quote too good for a double murderer. nathan burress practically
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bragged about the killing spree. jurors feared if in prison for life he would kill other inmates. he was convicted of killing a former girlfriend and her suspected lover three years ago. throughout the trial burress mocked victims and said he'd kill them again. >> in san francisco, the board of supervisors just voted to ban nudity in most public places. supporters say it's gotten out of hand in parts of the city but critics say this crack live tonight with the story. carolyn. >> that is right. the ban passed narrowly. i want to you listen to back and forth with the supervisors before that vote. >> we do live in a time of limited resources when it comes to what is the best, most effective way of using limb yaited resources not that
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enforcing nudity laws is not important. but on the scale of how important it is relative to violent crime, i think at the focus shovedding violent crime. >> when we surrender basic rights, citywide, that what is next? i do have x.that question what. piercing? tattooing? or yellow hair? what? >> i don't agree havingkv[÷ yelw hair is the same as exposing your penis at a busy street corner for hours and hours, for everyone to watch as they go by. i just don't agree with that comparison. >> and supervisor weiner got his way. then, as you can see, all hell broke loose in the chamber, several people in the audience jumped up and began taking their clothes off, they say there is a distinction between being nude and lewd.
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and that this ban tramples on their first amendment rights. sheriff deputies were wreep preeped with blankets trying to cover up protestors they hurled what in san francisco is a dirlty term, maybe a majority they call the supervisor weiner a republican. but more than name calling they're taking this case to federal court. their attorney says it's a clear violation of freedom of speech and expression what. comes next? the supervisors have a second, final vote on december 4th. january 17th is the hearing before the judge. and if deciding with the judge it will go into affect. >> thank you. >> search underway for the next head football coach at uc berkeley after jeff fedford
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was fired today. he led the golden bears to a share of the conference title in 2006 but his teams faultered going just three and nine year. the athletic director praised the former coach in making the difficult announcement. >> his legacy is unquestioned the current state of the program is not what our athletes, fans and campus community deserve. rz owed $6.9 million for remaining three years on the contract paid by a private booster fund. harbaugh. the team announced he's going uch a follow up evaluation on the procedure he had last week. the 49ers cancelled his news
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conference. we'll have more information on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> one note about sports. organizers of craft fight hunger bowl moving the game to the south bay n 2014 will be the first non49ers event in the team new stadium being built in santa clara. venue opens and officials looking to attract other the goal played at at and t park for 10 continues ask will continue two more years until 2014, >> and still to come police agency keeping tabs on your home if you go away but you need to hurry to sign up. >> results of this year's trouble in toyland report. michael finney taking a look at which toys you may want to keep off the list this year. >> i love her. >> the program being credited with helping a girl save her
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mother's life. problem is that it could
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cu fremont police would le to hear from you if if you know this woman. she approached a home soon after a ups delivery. there she goes, taking a package with canned goods left for collection. so, what to do? if you're going to be out of town, police department in fremont is promoting a courtesy security check to make sure your home is safe. >> volunteers provide checks. anybody can sign up for it. we're really prom yettin yetting -- promoting it this week. >> you can find more about the service and how to sign up on
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our web site. in oakland police say they used cell phone tracking technologies to make three arrests in connection with armed robberies. the thieves made off with victim's cell phones and tracking applications helped police quickly recover the stolen phones. >> this report may want you want to learnmefzx cpr. a teenager able to save her mother's life thanks to a program at fremont high school. tonight, the city behind the story what. doctors say is a miracle. >> everyone, i never thought i would be my own mother. >> the 17-year-old lindsay never thought she'd safe a live. not her mother's but she did, on sunday. using cpr, learning at fremont high three years ago. her family had been watching
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the 49ers at home. laurie suffered a cardiac arrest. lindsay immediately began mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, helped by a neighbor. joey gonzales, who also performed his first cpr. doctors credit lindsay not only saving her mom's life but functionality, feeding oxygen to her brain as they waited for paramedics her mother calls her her angel. >> i still can't believe what she did. thank god she was home. >> fremont high school started this class in 2008, required learning for all freshman. it was funded with a two-year grant from a local foundation. each student received a kit with a practice mannequin and a 20 minute dvd. >> we taught a thousand kids and in 2008. and 700 kids approximately in 2009. >> lindsay took the class in 2009 as a freshman.
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>> her mom never knew her daughter could do cpr. now, she showed her for the first time, the cpr kit which she kept in her room for three years. when reporting on the story in 2008, then, lieutenant told me this. >> you're doing something here today maybe not tomorrow but sometime in your life will provide you an1ej portunity to save a life. >> that prediction came true for lindsay her grade in the class was not pass or fail i was life for death. the test of a true hero. p the grant ended we do a link . >> customers in pittsburgh
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lost water supply after a pipe broke. crews add to dig a hole to get to the main. they had the water back on and about 15 homes were affected. >> in redwood city a handful of homes were without water several hours. the broken main sent washerlé gushing into the streets flooding two homes. firefighters pumped out water, residents were able to return home. >> the puppeteer of sesame street's elmo resigned today.aux a there is a lawsuit demanding personal matters and did not address the new allegations. but last week, clash denied he
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had sex with a different, under aged boy. the first accuser retracted his claims since then. >> an extremely busy day today. >> a storm sweeping over the bay area now. >> it is moving into the north bay now. from our mount tamalpais camera, you can see trees swaying in the wind. it's breezy. up to heavenly highest elevations they'll pick up snow, it looks like. winds not that windy but sit breezy. laura posts it was windy, didn't have to pedal. sandy writes can we expect real rain?
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yes. it's coming to the south day as well. moisture is right over the north bay. that is where rain has been falling. taking down to street level, river road around santa rosa, light rain now as you can see. street level here, main some light return as long highway 101. you've probably seen sprinkles around the region. here is what rainfall totals looked like. three and a half inches of rain. santa rosea, 67/100ths.]çr it drops off sharply south of there. a trace amount of concord. temperatures nouf mild, still.=
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upper 50s to mid 60s south wind. highs today have been into 60s. low 70s around monterey way. rain spreads south, showers diminishing tomorrow, a dry pattern for thanksgiving. so tomorrow morning, if you're getting away or you have a morning commute it's going to be rainy. showers north. radar showing you cold front. system is slowly advancing which is why some people have not seen much in the way of rain. here is a computer animation tonight. rain line still up into the north. 11 pam gg through the heart of the bay area, morning get away, we'll see wet roadways.
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showers wind down. we'll give you dry conditions if you're traveling later in the day. two inches in rainfall totals. less than two inches around the rest of the. >> region. sierra nevada winter weather advisory. gusty winds could make for tough travel. temperatures into low to mid-60s. we'll get a break from wet weather for the monterey bay. temperatures into 60s as well. here is a look at accu-weather forecast showers tapering off. dry weather thanksgiving. going to be nice, and mild for black friday. heading into weekend. it's dry and beyond that. slight chance of showers returning by tuesday. >> thank you. >> and an unfortunate twist has been added to concerns about children playing with dangerous toys.. >> michael finney is here with this warning.
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>> now, choking still remains the number one risk for children playing with toys. but a new report out from california public interest research group points out teenagers have been known to play with a novelty item that could hurt them too,. 10 kids per year died from choking over the last two decades. now, a new hazard has recently emerged. little items intended for adults are getting into hands of children. dr. savannah pro growers of pediatrics. >> you think that it would be toddlers but it's teenagers that are in some cases showing up. >> the magnetic objects intended as stress relievers and aroundments when swallowed can be hazardous. >> they can be the size of peas if ingested it's not immediatelyó3s fatal but they cn lead to complications and that can lead to problems that may
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be fatal. >> the doctor says the good rule of thumb is keeping anything inside of a toilet paper roll away from kids. adding are fake tongue piercings, using magnets strong enough to stick together through skin. take a look at this demonstration. there are 1700 cases involving magnets in two years. the toy association didn't disagree. magnets are meant for adults should never be given to children. naggal institute on deafness recommends sound be kept under 67 decemberinnels but found this guitar puts out level that's hit 90. fisher price told us they have
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worked to confirm they're safe for children. also they found lead in about 1% of the toys.. >> we found this item had 180 parts per million of led in paint. current standards is 100 parts per million. >> this item purchased in a national dollar store. and the manufacturer dmot be reached. >> thank you. >> from pier 39 to a delta town. up next, looks the sea lions are on the move. >> that story, then train your iz. a display that has become a thanksgiving tradition.
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fishing is good these daysí, especially for sea lions. there are plenty of fish along the water front this, little guy having a great time. notice he's surrounded by sea gulls. >> they know where food might be. >> controversy surrounding oprah's mention of one of her favorite things. she says she loves it. this is the tweet it says got say love that surface, i've bought 12 for christmas gifts. nice, right? well what is the problem? she sent the tweet using an >> wow. >> and food banks in san francisco and marin are unexpected late boost with a big thanksgiving donation from world champion san francisco
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giants. the team answered the call to help food bank was a $10,000 check that. is enough to pay for remaining turkeys for several organizations of feed the hungry. the day after thanksgiving is now orange, black friday for giants fans. tickets going on sale this coming friday. >> we're talking sports teams and giving raiders good in on the season of giving. >> yes. scoring big local communitie
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coming up a local official accused of lavish spending on taxpayer dime. also... >> i can't imagine going through anything any worse. >> a gripe with a local man that brokered adoption of her
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two children z the last second move by a basketball star that will keep a holiday tradition from fading away. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> owningland raider maze be struggling a bit on the field but off the field the team is scoring points with the community.n 'u defensive lineman helping out. >> 150 families got meals near the coliseum and raiders collected food and money o the game fund, very nice. game fund, very >> it's great. kids get to learn early huh. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we ap this is "world news" and tonight, final mission. hillary clinton sent to the middle east. can she broker a deal to stop the bloodshed?

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